We can also come to you on request. Together we plan and create individually designed training courses and workshops on your questions and topics for smaller or larger numbers of participants.

With our extensive experience, we find the right approach for every topic and, if desired, integrate data from your current projects. Sample topics from the last few years are:

  • Migration of GIS infrastructures to open source
  • Provision of CAD functionality with QGIS
  • Special GIS analyzes with OpenStreetMap
  • Processing of LIDAR data in QGIS and GRASS GIS
  • Optimization of PostgreSQL / PostGIS
  • Legal basis for the provision of spatial data

Modular composition

If you need individual training, we would be happy to make you an offer. We advise you and work with you to determine a number of different, useful training modules from which you can choose.

You can contact us by e-mail or by phone at:

This is how the modules work

We propose a number of modules that make sense for you. Using the example of the “QGIS” topic, you can see below a selection of modules that we could suggest. A training day consists of 6 hours + breaks. You fill the 6 hours of training through your choice of modules.


Benutzeroberfläche und Konfiguration90 min
VertiefungBenutzeroberfläche anpassen45 min
Verwaltung von Datenquellen90 min
Daten visualisieren90 min
Arbeiten mit Attributtabellen90 min
Editierfunktionen90 min
Datenanalyse mit der Processing Umgebung90 min
Erstellung von Druckkarten90 min
Kartenansichten und 3D Visualisierung45 min
Georeferenzieren45 min
SQL und Ausdrucksdialog45 min
VertiefungDatentransformation45 min
VertiefungKomplexe Darstellung und Beschriftung90 min
VertiefungAtlas Druck und Berichte90 min
VertiefungAttributmanagement in der Datenerfassung90 min
VertiefungTopologie- und Geometrieprüfung90 min
VertiefungOSM Daten in QGIS90 min
VertiefungGeokodierung45 min
VertiefungBenutzeroberfläche anpassen45 min
VertiefungRasterdatenanalyse90 min
VertiefungRasterdaten visualisieren90 min

Training abroad

Even though most of our in-house training courses take place in Germany, we are happy to support you in your work worldwide and have already gained experience in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Cameroon. Here we offer to hold the training courses and workshops in English.

Equipment and training rooms

If necessary, we also bring equipment such as a projector, screen and preconfigured notebooks for the training. It is also possible to provide complete work environments as a virtual machine for VMWare or VirtualBox. We can also offer training rooms in your region through partners.

Conditions of participation

For further information please call or send an email to