GIS Services

Professional support is worthwhile

We have more than 15 years of experience in the provision of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial data infrastructures (SDI) based on open source software. With our knowledge we support our customers in Germany and beyond from the idea to implementation and maintenance.

Consulting and Conception

We are convinced that the efficient implementation of an idea begins with professional founded consulting and conception. We support our customers with the following offers:

Condition and requirement analysis

We help you to find and assess weaknesses in your work cycles and to define requirements for an optimisation.

Feasibility study

Based on the actual state, we determine with you, by what means and in what time new work processes can be implemented and optimized. Here, a realistic assessment of the risks and accessibility takes place.

Project management

For common projects we offer you to take over the project management. We take care of the planning, communication, implementation, and inspection and acceptance testing.

Installation and support

We support you in working with Open Source GIS and are specialised in the GIS software GRASS and QGIS. Our offer includes:


Whether on-site, remote or alternatively on hardware provided by you. We install and configure you GIS infrastructure according to your needs.


From the application through small-scale development work to software updates, we offer our customers for the software GRASS and QGIS the entire support range from level 1 to 3. Here, the charges shall be transparent after the time spent.


We develop customized solutions or extend existing modules and extensions for the software GRASS and QGIS.


We have for years been integrated as a core developer in the GRASS GIS project. According to your specifications, we implement new core functionality and modules in Python, C or C + + or extend the functionality of existing modules.


We work on the Project Steering Committee (PSC) since 2009 in the development of QGIS. Based on the languages C + + and Python we program new QGIS core functionality and plug-ins or migrate and extend existing solutions according to your wishes.

QGIS Enterprise

We are the exclusive distributors of QGIS Enterprise solutions of the company Sourcepole AG in Germany. With our expertise, we are your first port of call when it comes to extend or reimplement functionality.