GBD WebSuite

The GBD WebSuite enables the flexible provision of spatial information from various data sources and applications as a WebGIS application. It can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures as a Docker image, is modularly expandable and optimally interacts with QGIS and PostgreSQL / PostGIS. A section of the current functionality includes:

  • Support for the provision of QGIS projects
  • Fast display through data cache
  • Integration of external services, also directly in the client
  • Provision of WMS, WMTS, WFS, WCS and CSW
  • Query of map objects with a click and mouse-over
  • Spatial search for objects on the map
  • Dimensioning of segment lengths in the map
  • Display of the current position on the map
  • Parcel search, information and printing
  • Dynamic provision of INSPIRE-compliant services
  • Digitizing point, line and area objects
  • User authentication and rights management