QGIS GRASS Plugin in Dusseldorf

GRASS GIS offers a wide range of analysis modules on the topics of raster, vector, image data and network analysis. The course provides in-depth knowledge of the possibilities for using GRASS GIS with the help of numerous practical exercises. The focus is on the use of the GRASS modules via the 'GRASS Plugin' and 'Processing Plugin' extensions in QGIS.


Basics in the use of QGIS.

Training content

  • Overview of GRASS GIS integration in QGIS
  • Working with coordinate reference systems
  • Development of GRASS GIS project environments
  • Import and export of data
  • Working with and analyzing vector data
  • Working with and analyzing raster data
  • Editing of vector and raster data
  • Create simple scripts for batch processing


Exercise data
Exercise script
Certificate of attendance

Training location

The training takes place in Rethelstrasse 153 in Düsseldorf.


  • 28.-29. January 2021
  • 02.-03. September 2021


750 € + VAT - This includes the course documents, food (lunch, snacks and drinks) and one hour of individual support after the training. Schoolchildren, students, trainees and job seekers can take advantage of discounted conditions.

Special offer

If you attend the QGIS basic course in advance, you pay only 1300 € + VAT instead of 1500 € and save 200 EUR.

Questions & registration

Further information can be found in the conditions of participation. To register and for further information, please send an email to schulung@gbd-consult.de.