The course provides an introduction to programming your own extensions for QGIS 3 using Python3 and Qt5.


Basic knowledge of programming with Python.

Training content

  • Introduction to the QGIS 3 Python AP
    •     Introducing signal slot concept
    •     Qt5 surface programming
    •     Using the Qt5 documentation
  • Introduction to creating a QGIS plug-in
    •     The QGIS 3 plugin mechanism
    •     Using the QGIS 3 Plugin Builder
    •     Analysis of the plugin structure
    •     Introduction to Python IDE Pycharm
  • Development of a PyQGIS plugin
    •     Using the Qt Designer
    •     Implementation of a QGIS 3 plugin

Training location

The training takes place in Rethelstrasse 153 in Düsseldorf.


  •     March 22-23, 2021


1000 € + VAT - This includes the course documents, food (lunch, snacks and drinks) and one hour of individual support after the training. Schoolchildren, students, trainees and job seekers can take advantage of discounted conditions.

Special offer

If you also book the QGIS Basics training course, you only pay € 1,600 + VAT instead of € 1,750 and save € 150.

Questions & registration

Further information can be found in the conditions of participation. To register and for further information, please send an email to schulung@gbd-consult.de.


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