QGIS Enterprise


With QGIS Enterprise, we provide professional maintenance and support contracts for the introduction of QGIS into your corporate infrastructure.


QGIS Enterprise is a stabilized extract from the current QGIS development and offers complete maintenance and support packages for:


  • QGIS Enterprise Desktop
  • QGIS Enterprise Server
  • QGIS Enterprise WebClient


Developed by the company Sourcepole AG from Zürich (Switzerland), the Geoinformatikbüro Dassau provides distribution and support in Germany.


Contact us or read more at http://qgisenterprise.com/.    

Benefit from


  1. Long-term software support and maintenance
  2. Regular updates and fast bugfixes
  3. Optimized functionality
  4. Competent training courses
  5. No license fees


And the QGIS project also benefits. Because most bug fixes return, if possible, directly to the current QGIS development.


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