In-house training

On request we will come to you. Together, we plan and create individually designed training courses and workshops on specific issues for smaller or larger numbers of participants.


With our extensive experience, we find the right approach for each topic and integrate data from your current projects on request. Example topics of the last years are:


  • Migration of an existing GIS infrastructure to open source GIS
  • Possibilities for the provision of CAD functionality with QGIS
  • Implementation of special GIS analyzes with OpenStreetMap
  • Processing of laser scan data in QGIS and GRASS GIS
  • Optimization of data management with PostgreSQL and PostGIS
  • Legal bases for the provision of geodata

Even though most of our in-house training courses take place in Germany, we are happy to assist you with your work worldwide and have already gained experience in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg or Cameroon. Here we offer to hold trainings and workshops in English.


If required, we can provide equipment such as video projectors, screens and preconfigured notebooks for the training. It is also possible to provide complete working environments as a virtual machine for VMWare or VirtualBox.


For further information please call or send an email to


 +49 (0)211 69937750
 +49 (0)171 4687540


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