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QGIS Python Programing


The training provides an introduction to PyQGIS programing for QGIS 3 based on python 3 and Qt 5.


Learning objectives


  1. Short overview to Python
  2. Introduction to the QGIS Python API
  3. Working with the QGIS Python console
  4. GIS Analyses with PyQGIS




  • Training data
  • Training script
  • Certificate of participation



  • Tuesday, 09.04.19 in Düsseldorf




600 EUR + VAT - This includes the course information, food (lunch, snacks and beverages). Pupils, students, apprentices and job seekers can take advantage of discounted rates.  


Special offer  


If you book the QGIS Plugin programming course in addition, you pay together only 1400 EUR + VAT instead of 1500 EUR and save 100 EUR.


For registration and more information, please send us an email at schulung@gbd-consult.de.


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