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The course teaches the basics in using the Open Source GIS GRASS 7. Apart from numerous exercises the main focus lies on the work with GRASS functionality using QGIS and its extensions 'GRASS plugin' and 'Processing plugin'.


Learning objectives


  1. Overview of GRASS GIS 7 and QGIS
  2. Working with Coordinate Reference Systems
  3. Set up different project environments (locations)
  4. Data integration and georeferencing
  5. Vector and raster data analysis
  6. Editing attribute and geometry data
  7. Working with external (spatial) databases
  8. Creating simple scripts for batch processing
  9. Data output and visualisation




  • Training data
  • Training script
  • Certificate of Participation



  1. Wedneday, 22.05.19 - Thursday, 23.05.19 in Dusseldorf
  2. Wedneday, 27.11.19 - Thursday, 28.11.19 in Dusseldorf




530 € + VAT – This includes the course information, food (lunch, snacks and beverages)as well as an extra hour for individual support after this course. Pupils, students, apprentices and job seekers can take advantage of discounted rates.


Special offer


If you decide to attend the courses QGIS Basic and QGIS GRASS Plugin, instead of 1060 € you pay only 1000 € + VAT and save 60 EUR.


For registration and more information, please send us an email at schulung@gbd-consult.de.


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