We are commited to FOSS

For over 10 years we have been a strong supporter of open source GIS projects. Some examples are presented here.

The community of users and developers is the basis of an open source project. If there is a large community that is engaged, the project is usually healthy and growing, as in the case of QGIS.

QGIS Developer Meetings

Twice already, developers and users of the open source GIS QGIS met in the Linuxhotel (Villa Vogelsang) in Essen. This is no coincidence, because there is a special atmosphere and a perfect environment, and beyond the QGIS project is supported with special conditions.

All are already looking forward to working together for a few days on QGIS again in the future. The Geoinformatikbüro Dassau is the organizer of this meeting in Essen, who have started 2009 in Hannover.

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