QGIS Plugin Biotopmanager Mittelsachsen

For the creation, processing and historization of biotope data, we have developed a QGIS plug-in for the nature conservation department of the Central Saxony district. The data is managed in PostgreSQL / PostGIS.

It is possible to create new biotopes and edit or delete (archive) existing biotopes. Biotopes that are being processed are blocked for other users. Several users can work on the data at the same time without creating a conflict. A report can be created for each biotope and the factual data can be exported in CSV format. In addition, the Biotopmanager Mittelsachen offers a historization, which makes it possible to trace every change from the past.

In terms of content, the Biotopmanager Mittelsachen has been implemented for the requirements of the Saxon Nature Conservation Act (SächsNatSchG). An adaptation of the plug-in and the data model to other requirements is possible.


The BiotopManager plug-in offers tools for various actions.

Create new biotopes

Here new biotopes can be created and edited with the help of the QGIS digitizing tools. The attribute data is entered using an input form.

Edit and lock selected biotopes

Already existing, selected biotopes are copied into the editing layer of the user and edited there. These are then blocked for all other users.

Return and unlock edited biotopes

Changes to biotopes that have taken place in the processing layer are written back to the main database using this function.

Cancel editing and empty the biotope editing layer

If you cancel while editing biotopes, editing is canceled and the editing layer is emptied.

Archive selected biotopes

Biotopes that are no longer up-to-date are not deleted; they can be selected in the main database and moved to an archive.

Show history of selected biotopes

For each biotope, a history is created with the creation, each modification and archiving with the respective point in time. This makes it possible to receive the changes in the geometries and factual information from every change in a biotope.

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