About us

The Geoinformatikbüro Dassau GmbH, located in Düsseldorf, was founded in autumn 2006. We are experts for Open Source GIS and thereby specialised in the software QGIS, QGIS Server, QGIS Web Client, GRASS and PostgreSQL/PostGIS.


We offer consulting and conception, training, programming and support for Open Source GIS and SDI solutions. Other areas include services of applied data analysis and remote sensing.


Out of conviction we are committed to the development of the open source projects GRASS and QGIS, the FOSSGIS e.V., the German QGIS User Group and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). We participate in the provision of software packages for the openSUSE Application:Geo repository. Otto Dassau was member of the QGIS Project Steering Committee (PSC) - now QGIS.ORG Association and part of the organizing committee of the German FOSSGIS conference.


Team (A-Z)


  • Philip Albrecht (Geography Student)
  • Georg Barikin (Senior Software Developer)
  • Nadine Bremer (Junior Software Developer)
  • Otto Dassau (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Sören Gebbert (Senior Software Developer)
  • Simon Haufe (Junior GIS Consultant)
  • Larissa Junek (Junior GIS Consultant)
  • Tristan Kessler (Junior Software Developer)
  • Klaus Mithöfer (Senior GIS Consultant)


 +49 (0)211 69937750
 +49 (0)171 4687540


Geoinformatikbüro Dassau GmbH
Rethelstrasse 153
D - 40237 Düsseldorf